Wow! This jacket looks great. Is it Chinese?
It’s a vintage one, but I don’t think it’s from China, it’s not silk. It’s a cheap one.

I bought it in a flea market for like 3 crowns.

How did you found out that your voice is something special?
I don’t see my voice like that. I don’t sing to try something special. I do it in order to connect with other musicians and their sounds. When I was young I felt that singing is a way to stick out. So I tried to find a way to be also a musician like the others. To be special is not a good goal in life, it’s weird.

Is it maybe a trend that young musicians don’t want to be or have a leader?
I don’t know. There was alway music made like this. But now maybe there’s more space for that.

Text: Sebastian Züger // Photo: Niclas Weber